Residential Services

At Hernandez Sanitation, we assess your specific home drainage setup so we can diagnose and repair your system right the first time. Our expert team can work with your specific septic system, pipes, and drains, with services including septic storm and wastewater system cleanouts, repairs, locating, and installation. We will identify the problem, fix them, and keep the problem from coming back.

Hernandez offers complete pipe repair in Windsor and Essex County as well as Southwestern Ontario.  Our experts have the right knowledge and equipment to take care of all of your drainage and pipe needs. We feature No Dig Pipe Repair, Trenchless Pipe Repair, and Pipe Patching services to get your pipes and drains working their best with no mess, no damage to your home or property, and no disruption to your life.  We can also replace your existing drainage systems and assess the best options to manage your storm and wastewater issues.

Our Residential Services Include:

Digital Camera Pipe Inspection

Using state-of-the-art digital pipe inspection cameras, we identify where the problem is in your pipes so we can fix exactly what’s wrong. Our cameras can inspect pipes ranging from 1 ½ inches to as large as 48”, and lengths up to 1000 ft. to find where your problem is so we can determine precisely how to fix it. Together with our no-dig pipe patching and repair, we can fix your pipes quickly and without disrupting your home or property. 

Electric Eel Pipe, Sewer, and Drain Cleaning

Blockages in pipes, drains, and sewer systems are cleared using state-of-the-art Electric Eel equipment. These machines clear obstructions in your pipes and drains using flexible cables and cutting tools that can cut through grease, dirt, debris, tree roots, and more.  

High Pressure Sewer Jetting

Highly pressurized water is used to push built-up grease, scale, and solid material out of your pipes and sewer lines. This water stream is strong enough to remove even the most dense accumulations of chemicals, grease, and debris, all done in an environmentally-responsible way without the potentially-damaging effects that harsh chemical cleaning methods can have on your pipes. This leaves your pipes clean and helps prevent a backup before it ever happens, all with no digging and no disruptions to your home or property.

Septic System Repairs, Maintenance, and Installation

We offer complete care for your septic system - from installing, locating, and inspecting your tank to complete septic system repairs, to septic tank pumping and cleaning, we do it all so your entire  septic system keeps running efficiently and reliably. We perform preventative septic system maintenance to stop problems before they start.

Hydro Excavation

In this process, also known as Daylighting, we uncover fibre optic cables, gas lines and other utility lines using only water to loosen the soil and a vacuum to remove it. This is an environmentally-friendly and non-destructive way to dig with no damage or disruption to your home or property.

Drain Blockage Clearing/Drain System Management

We perform home drain clearing to remove any obstructions, and offer home drain system management to keep your system running smoothly.

No Dig Pipe Repair and Patching

No-Dig home pipe repair, inspection, and service to fix any issues with your house’s pipes with no disruption to your home or property. No Dig and Trenchless Pipe Repair allows us to reach pipes anywhere on your property, including underneath your home, without digging or damaging, disturbing, or removing items from your property. Not only does this process allow us to fix pipes without digging, but also allows us to do the job quickly and correctly, creating a durable seal to fix damaged pipes that will keep them strong for years to come.


For more information on our Residential Pipe Repair, Pipe Cleaning, Septic Tank Services, and any of our other residential or commercial pipe and drain services, contact us today.

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