Commercial Services

Hernandez offers complete drain and pipe services for businesses and institutions of all types. Our experts have helped municipalities, property managers, malls and shopping centres, schools, industrial operations, and all types of other businesses with their pipe repairs and drainage system repairs and services. Our experts can handle your most challenging pipe and drain situations, and can take on the jobs that some companies may not be able or willing to handle.

We respond to your business quickly to get the problem taken care of fast, and we work to get the problem taken care of fast, correctly, and with lasting results. Our no-dig inspections and pipe patching mean a minimal disruption to your business and fast, effective repairs for all of your drain and pipe repair needs.

Commercial drain and pipe repair services available from Hernandez Sanitation include:  

Catch Basin Cleaning/Stormwater Management 

Your catch basin is an important part of preventing flooding and backups in your business’ parking lot. We keep your catch basins and stormwater management systems clean, free of dirt  or debris, and working properly.

Digital Camera Pipe Inspections

We inspect your pipes and drainage system to identify exactly what problem needs to be fixed. With our state-of-the-art cameras, we can inspect up to 1000 ft. to find out what your system needs, and can handle septic lines, large commercial pipelines, and more. We find just what the problem is so we know exactly what to fix, all without interrupting your business or property.

Electric Eel Pipe, Sewer, and Drain Cleaning

Blockages in pipes, drains, and sewer systems are cleared using state-of-the-art Electric Eel equipment. These machines clear obstructions in your pipes and drains using flexible cables and cutting tools that can remove grease, dirt, debris, tree roots, and more.   

Grease Trap Cleaning

No matter what size grease trap you have, we offer complete grease trap cleaning and emptying services to help prevent any backups and ensure that all grease and oil is disposed of properly.

High-Pressure Sewer Jetting

Highly pressurized water is used to push built-up grease, scale, and solid material out of your pipes and sewer lines. This water stream is strong enough to remove even the most dense accumulations of chemicals, grease, and debris, all done in an environmentally-responsible way without the potentially-damaging effects that harsh chemical cleaning methods can have on your pipes. This leaves your pipes clean and helps prevent a backup before it ever happens, all with no digging and no disruptions to your business.

Holding Tank Cleaning

We empty your holding tanks, and dispose of the contents in a safe and environmentally-responsible way. With regular holding tank cleaning from Hernandez, we can make sure your tank is always ready when you need it.

Septic Tank Cleaning, Repairs, and Maintenance

We offer complete care for your septic tank - from installing, locating, and inspecting your tank to complete septic tank repairs, pumping, and cleaning, we do it all so your septic system keeps running efficiently and reliably.  

Hydro Excavation

In this process, also known as Daylighting, we uncover fibre optic cables, gas lines and other utility lines using only water to loosen the soil and a vacuum to remove it. This is an environmentally-friendly and non-destructive way to dig with no damage or disruption to your property or business.

Pipe Patch Work

No-Dig pipe repair, inspection and service to fix any issues with your pipes with no interruptions to your business or property. We create a durable seal to fix any separation or breaks in your pipes and keep them strong for years to come.


For more information on our Commercial pipe repair, pipe cleaning, and all of our pipe and drain services in Windsor-Essex, contact us today.

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