Pipe and Drain Services

Pipe and Drain Services

Digital Camera Pipe Inspection

We use state-of-the-art digital pipe inspection cameras to identify the location and cause of any issues in your drainage systems. Our cameras can inspect pipes ranging from 1 ½ inches to as large as 48 inches, and lengths up to 1,000 ft. Once we’ve found the problem, whether it’s a broken pipe or damaged pipe or a blockage in your system, our experienced professionals can get it taken care of for you quickly and correctly. 

Pipe Repairs and Patching 

If you have a broken or damaged pipe in your drainage system, let us help. We will inspect your pipes to find the damage and provide you with an assessment about whether to repair or replace the damaged pipes. If your pipes can be repaired, we will get them fixed quickly and properly. If a pipe needs to be replaced, we will replace the damaged section and install a new, durable pipe that will help get things flowing in your system again. 

No Dig Pipe Repairs

With our no dig pipe repair service, we can find and repair cracks in your pipes with no need to dig up your property to reach them. Also known as trenchless pipe repair, this approach to fixing damaged pipes lets us reach damaged spots throughout your drainage system and give the broken areas a durable seal that will keep them strong for many years to come. 

No dig pipe repair isn’t an option with every setup, so let us provide you with an assessment so you know if it would be available for your home. To see if no dig pipe repair is an option for you, contact us today or call us at (519) 738-3309.

Sewer and Drain Clearing 

Over time, material can build up in your sewers and drainage systems, leading to slow drains, blockages and the potential for backups as time goes on. At Hernandez Sanitation, we’re ready to help get your drainage system clear and flowing again. Depending on your system and the type of blockage you have, we have different options available to help. 

Electric Eel Pipe, Sewer and Drain Cleaning 

Blockages in your pipes, drains and sewer system are cleared using state-of-the-art electric eel machines. These machines can quickly cut through a wide range of obstructions in your pipes, including grease, dirt, debris and even tree roots, using flexible cables. 

High Pressure Sewer Jetting 

With this option, highly pressurized water is used to push built-up grease, scale and solid material out of your pipes and sewer lines. This water stream is strong enough to remove even the most dense buildup of chemicals, grease and debris, and it does so in an environmentally friendly way. High pressure sewer jetting is a great alternative to harsh chemical cleaning methods, and it leaves your pipes open so you don’t have to worry about drain backups. 

Let our team of professionals figure out which pipe clearing option makes sense for you and your individual problem. To get started, call us today at (519) 738-3309 or email us for more information.